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Voice Evacuation Systems

Intelligible and audible notification are essential to guide people safely in emergency events.

Voice Evacuation Systems must be truly reliable to ensure the performance for delivering clear messages to people in the area for their quick actions. TOA's Voice Evacuation Systems handle both emergency communications and general operations such as paging announcements and music distributions while meeting EN/UL standards and many other local regulations.


IP-1000 Series
IP Network Audio Management System

With all equipment connectable to an ordinary IP network, IP-1000 series, the true digital matrix system is expandable to any locations with network access. The name “IP-1000” is used to highlight its extensive capacity for supporting 1000 IP address in one single system. The vast capacity and flexibility allows easy system expansion beyond conventional system coverage. What is more, the single management & operation software allows user to make instant broadcast and scheduled announcement through one single computer work station which covers most wanted function in school application.

IP-3000 Series
Browser controllable, extensive capacity IP-based network PA system

IP-3000 Series is a browser controllable, large capacity IP-based network public address system. It is an all- purpose network public address system with TOA’s advanced packet audio technology assuring higher levels of security, versatility and sound quality. This system is equipped with web browser viewer system, composed of server, audio interface, analog microphone and web viewer. Using a PC or a portable device without installing any specific software, you can monitor broadcast / failure status, control broadcast or sound volume and setting system by the control GUI with browser in everywhere. The Web Viewer can also use as a microphone console, that serves as hardware buttons or LED indicators of IP microphone. Equipment connection check function can also be done easily and conveniently. When an equipment is disconnected from network, the server will send e-mail to report the error. High quality audio with 48kHz, 16bits sampling size and wide frequency response with 20Hz - 20kHz of IP-3000 series make it suitable for market that required good BGM quality. 3 priorities of emergency, General, BGM are also available for broadcasting.

SX-2000 Series
Network enabled system ideal for installations in large building complexes.

The SX-2000 is a scalable system for configuring versatile and highly effective PA systems. The system features new matrix capabilities, so that a single system can have its components distributed in different locations under centralized control. Ideal for large scale installations ranging from multiple buildings to local systems,the versatile SX-2000 Series is particularly suitable for using in airports and railway stations, factories, shopping malls and large offices. The system‘s versatility such as dual power source and redundancy for fail-safe operation makes it a reliable solution for any specific installation without long lead times and the expense of custom systems.

VM-2000 Series
Cost-effective solutions for building management and owners.

Targeted at medium-sized facilities, every VM-2000 Series unit offers three line/mic inputs, 2 BGM inputs and remote mic capability as well as telephone paging.

vm3000 Kopie.jpg
VM-3000 Series
Cost-effective system for small to medium sized applications.

The VM-3000 is a cost-effective integrated public address and voice alarm system. It is designed to fulfil the EN 54 European regulation for voice alarm and also engineered with powerful digital signal processor (DSP), ensuring high quality audio broadcasting for proper speech intelligibility. The compact design enables the system to fit best in various small to medium sized applications such as schools, shopping centres or restaurants.

VX-1000 Series
IP Integrated Voice Evacuation System

The VX-1000 series operates TCP/IP network that provides flexibility for different sized projects. With extensive functions including speaker line, fault detection and ambient noise sensor, the system is suitable for a large variety of application. like office buildings, hotels and parks.

VX-3000 Series
Combined highly integrated voice alarm and public address system.

Our VX-3000 is a reliable and energy-saving voice alarm system that combines all important functions for PA/VA in one unit frame. The limited number of components makes the design and installation much easier, as well as saving space and reducing cable complexity. This enables rapid system configuration and makes the VX-3000 a cost effective system. It comes with low loss modular class D amplifiers, with 3 different output ratings. These can easily be removed or replaced simply by unplugging them; there is no need for specialist tools. By using low loss modular class D amplifiers and modern power supply switching technology the system becomes much more energy efficient and keeps the operating costs low. Thanks to its flexible and scalable system architecture the VX-3000 system can be used for both small and large applications, with up to 1280 remote microphones, 640 audio sources and 2560 speaker lines.

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