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The sound of footsteps, whirring baggage carousels, general hustle and bustle and yet you are still led out quickly and safely in an emergency.

Hotels and conference centres, as service providers, know how to balance various interests and requirements. Whether providing a music system in an event location, equipping a conference room with the appropriate technology, filling the spa area with relaxing sounds or fulfilling all safety regulations with voice alarm systems - many functions are required at the same time. At TOA, we understand these needs and have a wide range of solutions to offer.

Our integrated pro sound and voice alarm system provides the optimal equipment for every room and application, ensuring that your facilities are equipped with the best sound systems available.



VX-3000 Series is a reliable and energy-saving voice evacuation system that is certified to comply with the European Standard EN54-16. It combines a wide range of functions for PA/VE/ BGM applicaton in a single VX-3000 Frame. This reduces the number of required components, simplifies the design, and enables quicker and easier installation, as well as space saving and reducing cable complexity.

Each frame can function as an individual system with unique properties, and  different frames can be interconnected through the network to form an extensive system for the entire hotel.


GUI software is provided for easy fine-tuning settings and remote control operation. The system is compact and easy to install, making it suitable for flexible usage. Eight mic/line inputs and two groups of three stereo line level inputs are routable to any output by the onboard matrix with a mute function. The system is also equipped with digital signal processing functions, enabling the sound to be adjusted to the user's preferences.


The wireless capabilities of the infrared wireless conference system make it ideal for  meetings where the number of participants or layout can easily change. Conferences can be recorded in mp3 format on a widely available USB memory or internal memory when using the TS-820RC or TS-920RC. Different from radio signals, infrared signals cannot transmit through non-transparent surfaces. This system is suitable for use in conference rooms where confidentiality and interference-free communication are required. The Chairman Unit's priority function ensures smooth operation of the conference. The system can accommodate up to four open mics, depending on the configuration.

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