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Wireless Microphones

"Wireless" is a big factor for convenience. "Wireless" is a big matter for looking professional.

From classroom sessions to live performances in concert halls, TOA offers a wide range of system lineup to fit every application. Wireless advantage is not only for transmitters but also for receivers in case you need a guide system with portable receivers for visitors. Analog or Digital? UHF or Infrared? No worries, all covered.


5000 Series UHF Wireless System
Highest flexibility for fixed installations.

Our 5000 Series is the ideal choice for fixed installations of any kind. Whether in concert halls, event halls, churches, stadiums, schools, conference rooms or elsewhere – on the spark gaps of our 5000 Series you can rely on! This unique flexibility gives you the freedom you need to dimension your radio system exactly as it is needed, but without being limited in terms of future system expansions in the configuration.

Infrared Wireless Classroom System
Enrich Your Students' Learning Experience with Remarkably Clear, Easily Audible Classroom Communication.

Assembled specifically for classroom use, TOA’s Infrared Wireless Classroom System includes a ceiling-mounted wide-dispersion speaker (with integrated receiver and amplifier), an easily accessed desktop tuner and a pair of lightweight IR wireless microphones, one each for the teacher and students. The system is tailored to classroom size, moreover, thus avoiding unnecessary equipment installation.

ir_700 image_freigestellt.jpg
Infrared Wireless Microphone System
Offering secure and interference-free communication in classrooms, conferences, banquets...

TOA's Infrared Wireless Microphone System incorporates a range of conference and communication enhancing features that will appeal to users who want confidentiality as well as interference-free communication. Because the microphones use infrared signals, sensitive matters being discussed in a meeting room won't leave the room, and the wireless microphones can be used in several adjacent classrooms simultaneously without interference. In this way, this infrared microphone system can meet communication needs in educational and business environments perfectly.

TRANTEC Wireless Microphone Systems
Wireless microphone system that are matched for venues of any size.

The ubiquitous Trantec S5 and S4 series is synonyms among vocalist, musicians and theatrical performers. Additionally presenters and the likes also enjoy the wide variety of accessories that Trantec has to offer in meeting their professional demands.

Wireless Guide System
Ideal, easy-to-use system for on-site tours in noisy environments, simultaneous interpretation and extended listening coverage in difficult situations.

Allows on-the-spot guidance and explanation to be easily provided. Ideal when touring noisy environments such as factories, plants and other industrial sites. Also useful for guided tours of museums and other quieter environments.

1CH Wireless Infrared Microphone System.jpg
Wireless Infrared Microphone System and Classroom Amplifier System
Standard classroom system providing interference-free transmission enhancing teaching and learning environment.

Interference-free solution with simple installation for classrooms and lecture rooms. Different from radio signal, infrared signal cannot transmit through non transparent surface. The system is suitable for usage of large number of wireless microphone in building with different partitions including educational institutes and office building. It is best fit for countries with narrow license-free frequency band.

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