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Enhancing communication, security and public safety with the fulfilling of the system requirement of educational institutions.

Today's educational environments are complex, having to fulfil requirements from the classroom to multi-purpose halls, playground and canteen and entire campuses or even multi-location campuses. TOA systems are scalable, protecting the investment from becoming redundant and allowing configurations to precisely match each environment while providing the reassurance of compatibility with future system expansion options.



The main system can meet most of the school's needs. Campuses come in all shapes and sizes. Some are divided into several locations. Whether located in  urban areas or rural, they share many other same requirements including campus-wide security and monitoring (from on and off campus locations), communications, broadcasting, and emergency notifications among others. TOA systems make extensive use of network connections for the limitless potential offered as well as for cost-effectiveness and high performance. 

The requirement includes:

  1. Time-based notifications and schedules, built-in chime tones (e.g. Bells, broadcast announcements)
  2. General announcements, which used school management such as calling teachers or students, paging function, i.e. announcements to different places in the school.
  3. Emergency broadcast, which can override other broadcasts with sufficient volume in a disaster.


TOA strives to promote learning and increase classroom teaching efficiency through products designed to ensure optimum communication between the teacher and each student in a classroom. When wireless microphones, speakers and mixer amplifiers are utilized in classroom environments, teachers and students are able to communicate perfectly, reducing tension and stress while making the learning experience more enjoyable.


Large gatherings of students for school events in auditoriums require an audio system to deliver the message clearly. TOA products are designed to easily install as a new solution or integrate and enhance existing systems. Combined with our powerful amplifiers and outstanding digital mixers, our systems will offer cost-effective solutions for larger spaces.


Regardless of the size of the school's outdoor property, creating an intelligible, acoustically pleasing area will ensure announcements are heard and emergency guidance acted on. Choosing the correct speakers that can adapt to each unique school outdoor space can be formidable. At TOA our outdoor speakers distribute intelligible sound for clear listening, and they have the ability to have the positional direction adjusted to ensure excellent coverage.

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