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In nursing facilities, public address systems can perform multiple tasks. From improving the atmosphere with background music to residents information, notifications for employees and emergency alarms. Even the security of rooms that are not publicly accessible or access control for certain buildings can be integrated into a security system. Despite its complexity, such a system must be designed so that every employee can operate it. 

The special requirements of patients and the elderly lead to unique challenges when dealing with dangerous emergencies. In such scenarios, voice alarming comes into its own because alarming via voice announcements leads to faster and smoother evacuation of danger areas than alarming with acoustic signals. Even people who are not familiar with the area can be specifically addressed in order to safely extricate them from the danger zone. Voice alarming can also quickly and safely eliminate a potential false alarm. The associated operational disruptions and risks for patients can be effectively prevented or, at the very least, reduced.



The reliable VX-3000 Series is a EN 54-16 compliant voice alarm system that combines all important functions in one unit frame. In addition to ensuring safety with emergency voice guidance, VX-3000 Series is a decentralized, IP network based system, and the equipment can be installed in different blocks, which not only saves space and wires, but also flexibly carries out system renovation and upgrades, reducing the impact of project upgrades on the daily operation of the hospitals.


TOA IP-1000 series is a true digital matrix system with input and output device network connection ability. The system is therefore with high flexibility to cover both simple and complex requirements. For example, IP-1000 can be used as local system in nurse station for daily routine operation. The system can also be used as clinic paging system with multiple microphone stations for doctor to address patient. 



N-8000 Series IP Network intercom system is able to extent its coverage to location where network access is available. In addition to duplex communication, the system also serves as a platform for integrating with alarm, surveillance, door entry / departure authorization and other system to form multi-purpose solution.


It is possible to create an integrated solution to monitor and control different systems connected to the building network by using their API or protocol. Such integration allows staffs to manage multiple systems through single software in workstation. It also provides further possibilities for mobile application development for seamless usage among different systems.


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