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IP Audio

Turnkey solution to change the way of audio distributions between buildings or throughout the community.

Bridging audio signals in the distance is no longer a challenge. TOA's IP Audio solutions make it possible to establish complete IP-based PA systems or connect standalone audio systems in different locations. Don't wire speaker cables hundreds of meters. Just connect CAT5 - the magic wire to our magic devices.


IP-A1 IP Horn Speaker

Let Your Camera Systems Have the Voice

Combined video and audio systems automate the primary response to emergency situations and help you respond immediately with a live announcement. The IP Horn Speaker supports various industrial network protocols and has four different audio broadcasting modes. Seamlessly integrate audio endpoint devices into your go-to system.

NX-300 Network Audio Adapter

Gusting wind, empty platform, absence of signage...yet could still hear the arrival announcement in a timely manner.

NX-300 Network Audio Adapter can convert audio signals to high quality digital signals. Regardless of the geographical distance, the digital signals can be transmitted simultaneously over the IP networks, such as LAN or Internet. The contact closure can operate the distant devices via the network.