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IP Remote Microphone


IP-100RM IP remote control microphone is an IP remote microphone, it is used for general and emergency broadcast. It can receive broadcasting from server or other devices, and it also can initiate one zone or all zones broadcast, every key has the corresponding working status indicator, you can quickly obtain the working status of every zone and server through the working status indicator.

  • IR-100RM is a network remote microphone. It can be used for general broadcast and emergency broadcast.
  • The microphone can received messages from server or other devices. It can also distribute these messages to selected zone or all zones.
  • Status LED next to every button allows operator to acquire status of each zone and other operation status at one glimpse.
  • Can support Max. 1000 zonin
Power Source
Standard DC24V
maximum adaptation range is DC12~25V
Current Consumption
Below 200mA (single IP-100RM),
below 500mA (connected with 9 pieces of RM-110)
Audio Input
Audio Output
1V rms, unbalance 600Ω or unbalanced, 11.25mW, 32Ω
Frequency Response
LINE IN: (Sampling rate:22k), ), 20Hz -10kHz
LINE OUT (Network broadcast): (MP3 / sampling rate: 44k), 40Hz - 20kHz
SPEAKER OUT(Network broadcast): (MP3/ sampling rate: 44k), 20Hz - 20kHz
Number of Function Keys
15 on single equipment. Expandable to 105 with 9 sets of RM-210 connected.
Volume Control
Microphone volume control, monitor speaker volume control
Control Input
Optic coupler shortage input, open voltage DC 5V, maximum shortage current ≤5mA
Built-in Speaker
Maximum output 1W
Network I/F
10 BASE-T / 100 BASE-TX Auto Negotiation
Network Protocol
Operating Temperature
0°C to +40°C
Operating Humidity
Less than 90% RH (no condensation)
ABS resin, bluish gray
190(W) x 76.5(H) x 215(D) mm (not included the gooseneck microphone)
0.8 kg

Please download Datasheet to access full specifications.

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  • IP-100RM.jpg

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