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IP-3000 Series


Browser controllable, extensive capacity IP-based network PA system

IP-3000 Series is a browser controllable, large capacity IP-based network public address system. It is an all- purpose network public address system with TOA’s advanced packet audio technology assuring higher levels of security, versatility and sound quality.

This system is equipped with web browser viewer system, composed of server, audio interface, analog microphone and web viewer. Using a PC or a portable device without installing any specific software, you can monitor broadcast / failure status, control broadcast or sound volume and setting system by the control GUI with browser in everywhere. The Web Viewer can also use as a microphone console, that serves as hardware buttons or LED indicators of IP microphone. Equipment connection check function can also be done easily and conveniently. When an equipment is disconnected from network, the server will send e-mail to report the error.

High quality audio with 48kHz, 16bits sampling size and wide frequency response with 20Hz - 20kHz of IP-3000 series make it suitable for market that required good BGM quality. 3 priorities of emergency, General, BGM are also available for broadcasting.